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15. Interview with Oran Doyle

November 12th, 2015

This week Máire met with Oran Doyle, an aspiring writer with a fair few writing achievements under his belt already. Oran was drawn to writing from a young age, and focused on film. He has had several shorts funded and made and spent two years as a freelance script editor. Early on however, he was challenged with figuring out whether had had something substantial to talk about, and went on to have another career in social work and aid in East Timor. So now, with lots of things to say, he has returned to writing with renewed focus and has recently become a full time writer. He’s continuing his screenwriting, but also working on writing for children.

We chat about the various challenges in writing, and what insights he gleaned from that early experience, and how he developed as a writer. You can follow Oran on twitter @Orandoyler


Presented and produced by Cathy Clarke, Kate Mulholland and Máire Brophy.

Music by Gavin Mulhall



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