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55. The last one

June 7th, 2019

We're back for one last hurrah. A long rambling conversation about YA, bookshops and the books we're currently reading. 

Thanks for the listens.


The Dublin Writers Conference (21-23 June) have a special offer for listeners - pay for the Saturday and get one of the other days for free.

WorldCon is happening in Dublin from 15-19th August. 

Máire's book is still available in paperback and ebook.

We won't be podcasting but we're not gone too far. Maire and Cathy are both on twitter.



54. Interview with Catherine Kullmann

September 4th, 2018

This week Máire talks to author of historical fiction Catherine Kullmann. Catherine talks about why she's drawn to the regency period she writes about and how its still relevant to today, and gives some great advice to other writers.

You can find more information about Catherine on her website and you buy her books on amazon.

You can find out more info about our podcast on and we're on twitter and facebook.

Máire is also trying to get people to buy her fantasy novella! You can get it here.


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This episode was presented and produced by Máire Brophy



53. Interview with JM Coombs

July 30th, 2018

Máire met with fellow fantasy author JM Coombs for a chat in the rare Dublin sunshine to talk fantasy, fan fiction and writing full time. James' book Richard Struggle: Evacuate the Masquerade is out now. And you can find more updates on his writing on his website

The launch event for Máíre's book After the World is in Dublin on 1st August, and you can get tickets here


52. Interviews with Ann Richardson and Jacky Dahlhaus

July 16th, 2018

Máire caught up with writers Ann Richardson and Jacky Dahlhaus when they were in Dublin for the Dublin Writers Conference. Ann talks about her non-fiction writing and Jacky talks about her vampire trilogy.

Máire's book is available to buy and if you're in Dublin on 1 August you can sign up to her launch event.

51.News from the Dublin Writers Conference and news of book launch event

July 2nd, 2018

Cathy & Máire chat (with baby Willow) chat about the Dublin Writers Conference. They talk through the experience of the conference and the topics that came up there.

Some relevant links: David Gaughran is a digital marketing guru. And though Máire couldn't remember the name, it was Amy Collins at New Shelves that gave amazing advice on Amazon profiles. You might also be interest in the Society of Authors, the London Writers Club and the Irish Writers Union.

The Dublin Writers Conference have already set dates for 2019 - so you might want to keep the time free.

We also announce the date and venue for Máire's Book launch event on 1st August. You can sign up for tickets here

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50. Spotlight on After the World

May 8th, 2018

With Máire's fantasy novella After the World being published today, Kate and Máire sit down to a proper chat about it. Máire talks through her influences in writing this book, where the original idea came from, and how other books and authors have shaped her thinking on fantasy storytelling.

Kate reads an exerpt from After the World, and they both plan for the day when they can film Kate acting it out!

You can buy After the World from today. 


Presented and produced by Kate Mulholland and Máire Brophy.


49. updates, book covers and the Dublin Writers Conference

April 16th, 2018

Kate and Máire sat down to talk about their latest updates. Kate talks about her new book and Máire talks about the preparation (or lack thereof) in the run up to having a book come out.

Máire talks to Laurence O'Bryan about the Dublin Writers Conference and their event this June. 

Kate and Máire talk fantasy fiction book covers and the recent Terry Goodkind statement about his recent book cover.

We're also collecting our favourite terrible book covers, so send us yours to

This episode was presented by Kate Mulholland and Máire Brophy, and produced by Máire Brophy




48. The Second Semi-Annual Writers Retreat

November 29th, 2017

For the second time we take our podcast out of the urban setting and take inspiration from the rural idyll. In this case the rural idyll was extremely cold, so it wore its hoody indoors the whole time. This is mostly an update of where we're at. Kate embarks on her new book, Cathy reflects on her process and Máire talks through what it's like to go through edits with a publisher.


Presented by Cathy Clarke, Kate Mulholland and Máire Brophy. Produced by Máire Brophy

Music (as usual) by Gavin Mulhall


47. Everybody Loves Samwise Gamgee

October 5th, 2017

This week join us around the table as we talk about the challenge of writing moral characters.No one seems to like the goody-goody who always does the right thing and everything in life seems to work out for him. So how do you write a likable moral character? Is it possible?  The verdict seems to be split on this one!

Hope you enjoy!

Presented by Kate Mulholland, Cathy Clarke and Máire Brophy. This episode was produced by Kate Mulholland.

46. Climate Fiction, ‘Hot’ New Genre

September 14th, 2017

This week we consider the emerging sub-genre of speculative fiction, Climate Fiction. This genre explores how characters feel and react to their changed world. We speculate about authors and films we've read and watched to see if they qualify as Climate Fiction. Be warned. Sharks are discussed in this episode! 



Presented by Kate Mulholland, Cathy Clarke and Máire Brophy. This episode was produced by Kate Mulholland.

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