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3. Word Hoarding & Editing

August 13th, 2015

On a pleasant sunny Saturday in Dublin, over afternoon tea, Cathy hosts our third episode - a discussion on editing. We are all in the process of editing the third draft of our novels/screenplay and because of this Cathy thought it would be interesting to compare our individual editing process and our different approaches to this.

Over the clinking of teacups we examined the virtues of following a rigid structure to place the beats of the story where the audience expects them to be, as opposed to abandoning conventional wisdom and letting the story find its own format.

However, if while listening to this, you are more likely to be sipping something more alcoholic than tea, a fun drinking game might be to take a shot every time someone says ‘yeah’. I doubt you will make it passed minute twenty.


Presented and produced by Cathy Clarke, Kate Mulholland and Máire Brophy.

Music by Gavin Mulhall



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