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10. Into the Double Ds

October 8th, 2015


In celebration of making double digits (episode 10!), we have an extended episode this week.


We started with a discussion of the rules of our different writing genres. 


Kate started us off, discussing the rules of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but we side-tracked into world building, Sweet Valley High, Sookie Stackhouse, Game of Thrones, before recovering to get back to the rules. Máire in typical fashion disagreed with all the established rules of comedy and invented her own, the fundamental one being NO KICKING DOWN! She is very clear on that! Cathy wrapped up this section with a rules of detective fiction.


This discussion was followed with a writing update and semi-writing-breakdown as Cathy shared her recent (horrible) revelation that her novel is not improving as Ishe goes through the structural edits and still will not fit comfortably in any established genre. This section is probably closer to group therapy than writing updates.


Presented and produced by Cathy Clarke, Kate Mulholland and Máire Brophy.

Music by Gavin Mulhall



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